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Sorry for your loss. It's a really hard time and my sympathies are with you.

I lost my GSD in November and am still mourning. It gets better with time. Trust me on this. I was pretty much non-functional for a few days. The first few weeks were super tough and I had a hard time focusing on other things.

What haunted me the most was the final day. It was a long slow decline for my old girl but there came a day where she got suddenly worse. She was giving me "that look" and telling me it was time. We had a vet come to our house and I held her while she slipped away. I played that scene in my head hundreds and hundreds of times the first few weeks.

But then I realized that such a replay of her final moments wasn't doing me or her any good. So I decided to focus on the good things, the happy times and how much joy Maddie brought into our lives. By keeping that focus things got better--slowly and by small steps but the pain did start easing.

The bottle is not going to help you get over this. Sure, it may mask the pain for a few hours but the wound will still be there. And it would be a setback for you. I think you know this already but maybe hearing it from someone else helps. You should be proud of being sober for 26 years. It's an accomplishment and shows your inner strength.

That same inner strength also helped you make the right call so that you could help your dear old friend cross the bridge.

She will never leave your heart as long as you cherish the memories and keep a space for her in your heart for her to curl up and rest there.

Hang in there pal,

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