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How would you go forward from this point (dog aggression)

Okay, background... Tygo is a 9 month old neutered dutch shepherd. He is quite dog oriented... very interested and 99% of the time he wants to play. He is not an over the top Dutchie. He is pretty sound and a lot goofy most of the time.

I am the main trainer at home and Tygo definitely sees me as the leader. My husband gets treated a bit like a sibling. Tygo plays ruff with him and my husband up to now encourages some play bites. I have hounded my husband to cap Tygo's energy more with commands or other play behavior, not allowing any mouthing or too over the top play and to disallow it but he (husband) is not very consistent.

Today, husband and Tygo were out for a walk and a young aussie (6 months) was around. Tygo wanted to play and after checking with the owner, Tygo was let off lead. My husband said they were just playing for 3-4 minutes and then he was getting ready to leave. The aussie would not go to his owner and was at my husband's feet while the owner was grabbing for him. My husband reports that out of nowhere, Tygo launched at the aussie and grabbed him by the neck. My husband said he did not want to let go. They got them separated and it appears there are no wounds. Husband said it was definitely fierce.

I have only seen Tygo get mad at two other dogs... one when Tygo was 4 months old at another 4 month old male over a stick. This was more pissy snarls and not anything big. The other is with his girlfriend (owner on here) when their play went over the top. We separated, calmed them down and all was fine after that. Tygo has played with many adult dogs and done just fine.

So, I know at 9 months old I should be expecting some maturing behavior. Where would you go from here? I will continue to work obedience and that is coming along nicely. Would you disallow play with other dogs? I do have a call into my trainer as well but wanted to see how you all would go forward from this point.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate anyone who takes the time.

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