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Barking at people's feet and does not let people pet him??

Hey guys,

I have talked about my pup Hunter here before he has had many problems I got him at 4 weeks of age and is doing much better now he is 5 months. But he is still scared when people they try and pet him and especially men. He also runs up to people and starts barking at there feet. I dont know what to do i try and correct his behavior when he barks at people and tell him NO!. I always go to Petco and give people treats to give him to socialize and he is very comfortable with it. But when it comes to petting with eye contact he gets scared and some times tries to bit peoples fingers. I feel like there is something else I need to do that is missing not just have people give him treats.

Also he gets very scared at dog parks he has had some bad incidents where he would get scared and every dog attacked him there it was horrifying. This happened twice one time two german shepherds attacked him and their owner had to pull them off and they had bloody hands and needed stitches from their dogs biting them when trying to pull them off poor hunter. At the dog parks people can pet him because he is more focused and scared of all the dogs so he doesn't really pay attention when strangers are petting him.

Please I really need help. I don't know what to do I am so worried. I have dog train and she hasn't been helping all she says is don't let anyone pet him and just let people give him treats. And she also put him on Prozac so he has been on that for that past three months and I want to take him off of it.

Thank you!!
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