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Please help. Puppy teething/nipping way too hard on children.

My 14 week old GSD puppy is concerning us.

He is teething heavily which we know is normal but one thing is concerning us. When my wife goes upstairs, which is gated off for potty training reasons, Our pup cries from separation anxiety and then takes it out on our 10 year old twins by jumping up at them on the couch and nipping at them. (Pretty hard I may say). Sometimes my wife is upstairs for only a few minutes to do chores.

We have read many posts about teething with many different opinions. This behavior appears to be nipping as well as teething. We have been told by other posters that a 14 week old pup is too young to establish dominance or hierarchy but it appears that he is taking his stress out on the kids.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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