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Correcting Reactivity/ Aggression

My dog is excellent inside and in the backyard, (he is about 5 1/2 months). He waits for food and would say 9/10 times obeys basic commands and learns very very quickly. Everywhere else just throw everything out the window. He is so overstimulated at the sight of strangers and other animals that standing still, remaining calm will not stop him. He got in a nasty fight with a friends dog so much as to now I feel like I cannot take him anywhere because I have zero trust in his reactiveness. I feel like a massive failure at training which bums me out because I would do almost anything to train him. So I took him to a trainer and at the trainers when he saw another dog outside he lunged and snapped his collar clean off. Thankfully he couldn't get to the other dog. The trainer recommended boarding him for a week for a very expensive price. My problem is, is it something that with a remote collar/ pinch collar and problem knowledge I could fix myself or is boarding recommended for a very aggressive/reactive dog. I would really appreciate any help as I do not believe in re-homing or anything of that matter because I have accepted the challenge to raise the pup.
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