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New puppy lurches at other dogs

My 8 week old is lurching at my other dogs (and cat but not as bad with the cat). She lowers her head, stalks, and jumps on and/or bites my dogs. I have stopped her when I see her starting to pounce or even shows a stance by saying no and tapping her. Is there anything else I can do? At this point, she believes she's playing, but I'm afraid it will turn ugly quick. It's scaring my other dogs so I know this is not acceptable play behavior. At first my other dogs would warn her, now they are cowering and turning away. Should I put her on a leash to correct the behavior? She has also tried to mount my smaller dog as well as bite her back legs (this is a herding dog instinct I know but needs correction). Looking for other suggestions. She's not growling. She's just trying to play but it's not acceptable. She is brand new to the pack. She's been with us for only a few days not even a week yet so she is still trying to figure out her place in the pack. I am going to start obedience training and leash training now that she's adapted to her new home and house training is successful. Hopefully, it's an issue that can be corrected simply by supplying a sense of direction and purpose. She has shown a positive work ethic. I have done some short sessions with her - teaching her not to jump on me but to sit to get attention for example- simple manners discipline. She responds quite well to the brief training moments even when I have corrected her about lurching. She is also sensitive. When I have really gotten on turn her (put my hand on her neck and told her no as I pushed her to the floor when she's not listening), she will retreat to her crate but eventually return and join the group and be much more reserved. However, I don't want her scared so please tell me if that's too harsh. I don't push harshly just apply pressure which causes her to lay down. I have only done that twice because she would not listen. The other times I simply have had to say no and/or tap her on the side to get her out of that mindset. She then stops and her body language changes to more relaxed as well as the other dogs.

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