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Diarrhea - and the "straight poop" thread

Both my dogs came down with diarrhea about two days ago. I assume it's something they ate; oddly a third dog we were sitting was fine. They're on a raw-when-we-have-it, otherwise Origen kibble diet - unchanged for months. The only raw thing they've had for a few days was some pork neck bones, but "guest" dog #3 was also chewing them...

But both my dogs threw up (hours after their meal, well-digested kibble.) Just one incident of vomit, really. Then the diarrhea started. My boy, Caesar, just had it once or twice and seems to be okay.
Kalypso has had the runs literally every 2-3 hours since then. Which is very annoying in the middle of the night! I'm getting pretty good at flying out of bed though.

I guess we'll start to feed her pumpkin? What else should we do, and how long until we call the vet?

Thanks in advance. I'm typing this at 3:30AM.
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