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Why?? It is easier to teach him to ignore other dogs then to socialize with them. Dogs do need to be safe around people, if you "crammed" people into his face and he handled it fine , you have a solid dog.

I had Dominate male dogs and they were fine with people and were taught to ignore other dogs. My dogs are for me and my family not other peoples chew toy.

I and my friends with well behaved dogs don't do dogie visits, we put a lot of work into our dogs and have no need to put them at risk with a bad experience!

Most likely the folks you know with "aggressive dogs" did just what your proposing?

My tip would be teach your dog to ignore other dogs. No sit, no correction just keep moving! That's how I taught them to accept people and ignore dogs. He doesn't need dogie friends that's why he has/had me and "his" dogs.
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