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Unhappy Socializing 1yo with other dogs

Hi everyone,

After reading many posts about socializing pups with people so as to avoid social anxiety and possibility of aggression, I have gone out of my way to introduce Leo to as many people as possible all the while giving him the confidence to face large groups of people, many of whom are new. He has been a complete pro at it, he behaves well, albeit a bit over-enthusiastic, but he has never been anxious or displayed aggression. He has never in his 1 year with me ever growled at anyone.

But, I noticed that as good as he is with humans, he's equally bad with other dogs. There was a time where he was interested in certain dogs (those that seemed smaller than him), but I think now even that has changed. He is only interested in showing dominance and being protective. I don't know why he's like this and I think its getting worse with age. Another problem I have is that I don't have too many friends with dogs (who are not aggressive) who I can try socializing Leo with. But recently my neighbor got two 3 month old St. Bernard pups and I was hoping that they may just help in the socializing.

Does anyone have any tips on how I should socialize him with other dogs? Should it be done at my house? Their house? The park or while on a walk? Neutral ground? I already know to keep him leashed so that he doesn't injure the other dog.

Any tips will be helpful.

PS: food and toys are not helping in distracting him to calm him down. I tried getting him to sit and focus on me instead of the other dog, and that works for a few seconds till he realizes there's another dog around him and again he starts barking and growling.
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