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German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?

Which one would you prefer and why?

I prefer the German shepherd then the Belgian Malinois, GSD is ranked 3rd most smartest. GSD has an off switch, Mal doesn't, I wouldn't want to be around a hyper dog all the time. The problem is that they just are not big enough to be a serious threat to a man, if he is big. They cannot bring a lot of men down. You see them bringing these decoys down on video, but a lot of them are letting the dog win for show. When you let them look good, they can look great.

The Mal is light, and the GSD is heavier, I've heard of a someone that picked up a Mal and throw him off a bridge, there's an article on that. For KNPV, most of the malinois are mixed with GSD. This is why so many of them have no papers (?). If they were not mixed, they just would not have enough size and weight. When a man is really formidable, and drunk or on drugs (and not feeling any pain), it's a tall order to really incapacitate him. I just think you need the advantage of size and mass, within reason.

You also benefit from having a dog who is not in it for the chase and catch, but who will enjoy fighting a man. That rules a lot of dogs out as individuals. I also think Mal's are not that big of a dog. I saw some videos from them and yes when they get a head start and get speed they can hit you with a lot of force, but I know German shepherd is bigger and more stronger and can take a pretty big person down. From talking to different people in different departments I think budget is a factor and also ego. Yes mals are fast and they look good on a suit, but throw that toy over a cliff..... GSD's are thinkers, Mals just do it and think later.

As police k-9s go, it has its benfits, You want the wrong people to feel more afraid, and I don't find the Mal very intimidating. Actually, I don't see mali's as being more popular with police Dept's over GSD's yet.

I also don't see mali's as a fad, they are good working dogs that haven't been ruined by over breeding and conformation shows. Perhaps I hope that won't happen to the mali's like the GSD's and labs.
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