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When I was dealing with this, I worked on redirecting my puppy's attention on other things. Interrupt, redirect, reward good behavior. An interruption can be any sort of noise that distracts from what the dog is doing. I tend to clap because my dogs listen to it, a friend of mine would stomp her foot once, very hard. I tend not to say anything because I don't want to make any vocal reaction that the dog might take as me joining in. So, interrupter and once the dog looks at you have something they like ready - a piece of food to lure them away, a ball to chase, and rope to tug on. Something that will occupy them on to something positive. Then we just have a super fun game for five minutes or so. The big thing is you want to be absolutely consistent with it. Interrupt, get them to look at you (don't put a toy or piece of food in front of them while they are barking or they may think they're being rewarded for barking) and once you have the attention be quick in redirecting it. When you get a chance to start the obedience, you'll be able to distract them and do some training instead, or use a good strong "leave it" command. As long as you're consistent you can get some good results. My dogs have learned that we bark once, maybe twice then run back to mom to see what's next.
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