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Originally Posted by ayoitzrimz View Post
Thanks for the feedback and we will head to the vet but I know there are vet techs here, maybe even a vet, and regardless there are breeders / owners who had seen this before if it is common. If nothing else I'll get a bunch of "I've never seen that before!" and that's helpful as well. I do plan to take him to the vet but in the meanwhile if people online can critique hip xrays there's a good chance they can help diagnose other things from experience.
You are right. hopefully one of these vet people can help you out. One good thing though, is with us answering you in here. It wont get buried and not seen. As I said before I hope all is good with einstien, and I want to know what it is too. Stuff like this can be scary. I know I would be freaking.
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