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5 Month old puppy troubles

Ok, so I have a five month German Shepherd Dog female and she loves other people and dogs. It first started when we took her to the vet, when they hold her and try to give her a check up, she freaks out and cries and whines and squirms like she is being tortured. Then we tried to clean her ears so I was holding her while my boyfriend cleaned her ears and it was the same way, she acts like we are torturing her. We have tried to give her treats while the vet is looking at her or we are and she doesn't even acknowledge the treats, we even tried little pieces of hot dogs, she was not even phased by them. I am afraid that it will get worse as she gets older and gets bigger teeth and will try to bite them as they are trying check her and give her shots. Also it is just embarrassing to bring her there...HELP!
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