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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
I would try to manage the greetings so she can learn to be confident. Dogs don't need to be rushing up on others...I'd stay away from such places that this happens.
I agree.

You don't want her to become conditioned to expecting that and as she matures possibly getting reactive in expectation. If that makes sense. My pup is five months old, I take him out all over the place. I want him to be completely neutral/ignore other dogs. I don't allow any of the nose-to-nose interactions you see so many people letting their leashed dogs pull them towards. I don't want any pulling to what he wants. I personally, want calm, neutrality. He gets to interact/play with our other dog, and any neutral/older dogs I know and trust. I want his focus to be mainly on me, even out and about (although I am doing sport, so I want that focus for other reasons as well).

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