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To "rescue" or not

I am looking to get a GSD. I have had them in the past. I used to import them from working lines in the Czech republic. I am not looking to import at this time I don't have the money for that! I went to an AKC show this weekend and decided I would really like to compete in obedience and later agility. I do not want to compete in the confirmation ring as I feel the AKC has some misguided standards (don't want to start any arguments here!)
So I have an opportunity to get a puppy from a family whos child is allergic. He is 12 weeks ish (not certain of his exact dob) and there is no info on the parents or registration or anything.

Now my concerns are for the hips and elbows, but even if I get from a breeder and pay $$$$$ that puppy could still have problems even if the parents have been tested, granted the chances are lessoned. Will a puppy who is going to have a straighter topline look different from an AKC angled dog at this point in his life? I am going to go looking at pictures in a min to see if I can see. I WANT a dog with a straighter topline more from a working breed tehn from an AKC show line.

Since I am not NEEDING AKC registration, I can get a PAL # to show under and I have NO intention of breeding so the puppy will be nuetered at the appropriate age. Any thoughts on "rescueing" BEFORE it is placed in a rescue?

What type of tests should I do on the pup when I meet him to make sure he will be good for the things I want to do?
Feel free to tell me I shouldn't do it too! I want to hear all opinions.
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