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Breeder recommendations in SoCal?

Hi everyone,

My question is a pretty standard one, and I've read through the other threads of posters looking for SoCal breeders, but I have yet to find one that is recent and answers my question so I am starting a new thread.

A bit about us...
My boyfriend and I are looking to adopt a GSD puppy this summer, and we'd like to purchase from a reputable breeder. Our puppy/dog will be mostly a personal companion, as we have no intentions of showing the dog and we do not need a high-drive, working dog. We want a dog who will have high alertness, pay attention to any noises or strangers, investigate as necessary, but go back to relaxing as the activity dies off; so good mix of energy and docility. Of course, being extremely friendly and enjoyed being pet and scratched by us is necessary too. I understand that some of this is related to training, but I also know that genetics play a big role in temperament as well, so we want to be sure we get a puppy with a good "foundation".

We live in Southern California, in the Newport Beach area. We are renting, and we have hardwood floors and a large concrete patio. We are both enjoy walks around the neighborhood and live near the beach. We are confident we can match the physical needs of a GSD (and have the patience for a GSD puppy). I have read a few books on training and puppy-raising with more to come as they're shipped to us.

We visited one breeder this past weekend, West Coast German Shepherds, and are very happy with Barbie's operation and her dogs. We can tell she's passionate about what she does and cares a lot for her dogs. However, we want to make sure they are indeed reputable since this is our first foray into purchasing a GSD pup from a breeder and we have nothing to compare it to at the moment. I see that Anne from Adler Stein is heavily recommended here, and my boyfriend is filling out the prepurchase questionnaire as we speak.

My questions...
Has anyone heard about So Cal German Shepherds? Their website looks appealing to me because they seem to breed dogs that would be good companions (lots of human family + dog pictures).

What about the Lundborg-Lands? Or Reds Above the Rest? I have read the Stickies here on what's considered a reputable breeder and will be calling these breeders myself in the next few days to ask questions, but I figured I'd ask around anyway.

This is my first time posting here, so please let me know if I need to include more info or anything!

Thank you all!
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