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Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
Totally different. Schutzhund/IPO is a sport that consists of 3 phases of training. Protection work would be one phase (protection and biting) with some secondary obedience for control. Many Schutzhund dogs would not have what it takes to be a protection dog.
Lol, and many "protection dogs" wouldn't do a thing if pushed to the limit and trained/evaluated properly. There is just as much corruption, lies, and bad training/over priced dogs, in protection as there is in SchH. Two way street...all depends on who's training and how they are training.

To OP, they are different. IPO requires absolute precision and lots of time/energy. Protection doesn't require as much obedience, no tracking, and lots of people think different training and different "accomplishments" equal a protection dog....if that makes sense.

ETA: Didn't mean that as a slam to you at all, Freddy. It just seems that there is this constant one-upping and comparison between SchH and protection. There is crap in both venues, and dogs in both venues that aren't what their handlers think they are or aren't capable of what the handler presumes they are capable of. All about the training.

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