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I'm no expert in grilling, but we recently changed from a regular ole propane grill to an indirect heat propane grill. The indirect seems to cook quicker, but the real benefit was the eveness of the cook. We do not have to worry about flames up either, and if we had the urge, we could steam crab/lobster on it as well. I wish I could remember the brand though... We bought one that you had to put together yourself, handmade blahblah, but I think it was fairly decent in price. I'll look around for some info.

*** Here's a link to the grill we bought, I have no idea how much my dad paid though. Bubbasovens

I will say, the only downside, was having to put it together. The directions were humorous at best.

***** I personally would like one of these bad boys, but I'm more into smoking than grilling. Portable Pig Cooker & Grill - Bubba's Ovens

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