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*URGENT* 21 mo old neutered male, working line, labeled "fear aggressive" MANTECA, CA

Rescued a very expensive 21 month old working line male about 2 months ago now. He belonged to a family member, he was being borderline abused and ended up nipping someone. He was then abandoned at a random location. We went to look for him, put up fliers and 1 week later found him

He came into our home with no issues, he had met us maybe 5-10 times total, but not for long periods of time. In the process of trying to find him a home, we took him to a rescue to be evaluated and he was labeled as fear aggressive and rejected.

Trying to find a local home on our own, with a slow transition in mind, he has nipped and bit 2 people upon the first meet, we suspect the candidates moved too fast with petting and interaction, but we are not professionals so do not know exactly the reason behind his actions.

Its at the point now where we cannot find him a home, and he cannot stay with us since we have a GSD, Doberman, and a baby on the way.

Last night, my wife was in our bedroom on the bed, with the rescue lying on the floor about 3ft from the door. Apparently my gsd walked into the room and was immediately attacked by the rescue.

A fight ensued, I ran in from the living room and we were able to separate them by grabbing their hind legs and pulling them apart.

Neither dog was injured, but we each ended up with minor bite wounds

3rd fight in 2 months between them, I feel like it may be a lost cause. Considering taking him in today unless somehow a lead pops up

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