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It really depends on the coat. I had two long-coats - I used cornstarch for starts (lets the undercoat come right out), a matt splitter on the fluffiest parts, followed by the undercoat rake everywhere and topped off by the slicker or a general brush. Another great tool was a rubbermaid comb for long coated dogs. Unfortunately, it is no longer made but it pretty much did the job of all the other tools except for the splitter.) You can get a general brush at the dollar store and it will work every bit as good as the more expensive version.

Best tools for those two dogs were the splitter & the comb - followed by the rake. My present 4 yo has a tight coat - undercoat rake is silly in her case and a different comb does a great job.

So it really depends on what you get coat wise as to what tools are going to work.
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