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New member and first time owner from Southern California (Inland Empire)

Hello everyone, my name's George and I'm really happy to be a part of this forum. My wife and I adopted our first ever German Shepherd puppy from the Redlands Animal Shelter this past Saturday and we are absolutely in love with her! We have a 7 year old daughter and are purchasing our first home soon so we thought that adopting a puppy now would be the best time to raise her as part of our family. Plus it was always a dream of us to have a German Shepherd and now we have finally have the resources to be able to do so. We currently live in Fontana but will be moving to Perris in a few weeks or months.

A few things we've noticed already that I am just finding out are pretty common but that I'd really like to start working with her to help us alleviate them:

1) She loves to jump up and nip at us. She does it the most with our 7 year old daughter and likes to just grab our clothes and leave little holes in them. We have a few small scratches in our arms and wrists from when she gets us. It's like we go to pet her on the side of the neck or her shoulder and she'll swing her head towards your hand to nip you. Or she'll jump at your hand and try to nip it as well. We tell her "no" in a firm voice and push her down or away and tell her to "Sit" or "Sit Down" and keep repeating that until she sits. If not then we'll tell her to sit and push down on her back so she gets the message and then when she sits down and calms down we'll praise her and pet her and scratch her and give her a small treat. She's a sweetheart when she calms down and just lets us show her some love. I hope we're doing okay there.

2) She acts aggressive towards our other small chihuahuas. I don't know how to address this issue. We have them separated right now, they're in the backyard and she is in the front yard and each day so far we've brought the male chihuahua outside to just say hi and we kept them away. I'd love some help there if possible.

So that's it in a nutshell. I'm going to start reading as much as I can from here to get all the advice I can. I'm looking into getting her signed up at Zoom Room in Claremont for the puppy classes and maybe the private lessons with her and our other smalls dogs. I'd love any info that would be beneficial to us. I can't take her to a dog park until she has all her shots but I really want her to be a lovable social dog like I know she can. Thanks everyone, hope to learn a lot while I'm here
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