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Personally and this is just my honest opinion, my neck hair prickles when I see hype words like "exclusive" or "superior" or "unique" used again and again. Good breeders rarely have to even advertise litters, they have waiting lists because people want to buy one of their dogs and they don't need fancy words to sell them. Bloodlines are extremely important but seeing how I can't even find either dog in the pedigree database (unless the names are misspelled horrifically) really makes me question who these dogs are.

The pricing is pretty standard but you can get some amazing dogs for that price with all the 'bells and whistles' and have proof for generations of health tests and titles and breeders that have spent years researching and learning everything there is to know about the breed and are focused on truly upholding it.

I have to say one thing that really rankles me is how they're promoting "purity" as a selling feature. If the dogs are AKC registered then I would certainly hope they are purebred! What are both kennels doing that's so different then every other GSD breeder, reputable or not, that makes their dogs more 'pure' than others.

In the end if you chose to take one of their dogs it is entirely up to you, I'm not saying you can't get a good dog from them, who knows. But if I'm going to be paying that much I want to see actual health certificates and not just hips as that is a bare minimum and titles to ALL dogs in the pedigrees proving that they have been judged by impartial people that they are excellent representatives of the breed. A GSD is a long term commitment of 10+ years, why not stack all the odds in your favour and get the best of the best which is what it seems you are looking for.


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