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Seperation anxiety? Or just not happy?

Okay guys. So with Elios, when I'm home he is usually silent, in cage or not.
And if he does bark (because he needs something or is bored) I fixit or tell him to be quiet. And he will obay my command.
But when for a day or half a day and my mom watches him apparently he just makes noises all day.
Is it because I'm not there? (Because if I leave he never barks like seperation anxiety)
Is it because he gets away with it? That they don't command him to be quiet like I do?
I think he is pretty attached to me. But I haven't noticed any seperation anxiety when I leave.
He does hate when the pack seperates though..
He doesn't misbehave with me . Because he knows not too.
But everyone says he is just crazy wen I'm not there.

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