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Perspective owner in Florida

Hello GSD Forums,

This is my first forum post and I hope it will be the first of many many more. I have been browsing this forum (unregistered) for a few weeks, as my lady and I have been considering bringing a GSD into our lives. I am the more conservative person that likes to have a plan and know exactly what I am getting in to. I have found the FAQ's very beneficial and have learned a great deal.

I live in Central Florida (Lake Mary - near Orlando), in a 5000 sq. foot home. The home does not have a fenced in backyard. We have a miniature pincher named Daisy and I have loved dogs my whole life. One of our neighbors is John Morgan (famous attorney). His family has 2 very impressive GSD's. They are extremely well behaved and can frequently be seen walking with one of the Morgans around the neighborhood without a lead.

I recently saw an ad on Facebook for a litter of GSD's, which kickstarted this whole process. There are some breeders in MN that have bred two GSD's. I have been very excited about this and have done all but send them back a signed agreement. Here is the site:
"Link removed by Admin per request"

Upon searching google, I am unable to find any information about the breeders, which is a little nerve racking. I also (again, I'm weird), looked up the address listed on property appraisal and found out that the house is fairly small (appraised below $100k). Not that this would be a deal breaker, but it would add to my skepticism, as I want to do all of my due diligence to ensure that these breeders are not breeding solely for monetary gain.

On the positive, they have been extremely accommodating and friendly over text and email. Can someone that wants to do a good deed this Monday check out the website and give me their feedback on any alarms that pop up or any feedback at all, positive or negative?

One thing that caused me to make this post are:
The "Whelped Date" (I'm not keen on lingo, but that's what it says in agreement) is February 6, 2014. Through text messaging, they have told me that the pups are ready to ship or pickup after March 27, 2014. According to my calculations, that is 7 weeks. Most literature I have encountered has said that most good breeders that know what they are doing, keep the pups 8 weeks, and that this is a big deal, because a lot of important development happens during this time.

Can anybody check out the website and give me some constructive feedback. Also, does anyone know anything about the parents? I know that I want to bring a GSD into my life, but I also know, as a 15+ year commitment, it's extremely important to do it right the first time, rather than make silly mistakes and suffer with the consequences for the next 15 years. I'm not a quitter and when I commit to something, I see it through.



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