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Thanks I have this vision of the vet telling me he has the dog version of a blown out Achilles and needs surgery Im sure it will be rest and maybe an anti inflammatory . I hate things like this , it can't be 4pm soon enough!

Well , on the upshot I'll get to weigh him on a real scale and see how much he weighs. Right now we got his weight by my husband picking him up and getting on the scale with him. I am guessing 78 to 82 pounds is about right . My husband gets a number between there on our digital but it fluctuates each try because everybody is moving around too much lol

Alvin - GSD - born @ late February 2013
Bo - Boxer/Hound - born @ late June 2008
Greta - English Mastiff - born somewhere between 2003 and 2005 ,estimated.
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