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Default Stupid Ice!!!!

He wiped out on the ice last week. Looked like Scooby Doo :/

He was slightly favoring it Thursday , favoring it more Friday ..turned into a limp over the weekend. SO I have a vet appointment for pm today.

It is his front left leg , now when he walks it looks like his pastern is giving out . It did not look bad like that until Sunday..figured resting it , and his joint supplements would do the trick. Guess not :? At 11 months old it is super hard to keep him quiet .

Anyway , I am pretty concerned with the way that pastern looks when he puts weight on it. So..wish me luck.

This vet is a really good vet too..but not pro raw feeding . So I will have to deal with that tight lip look when she asks if we are still feeding raw lol
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