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Scratching and whining.

Took our pup to the vet for 1st shots, deworming, etc. and I mentioned to the vet that he's been scratching his neck area a bunch.. but she did see anything and suggested it was probably his collar.

So, we don't put the collar on him unless he needs it on (rarely), but he still scratches his neck and his ears.

This past week, whenever he's about to scratch or is in the process of scratching he WHINES. Like.. -whine..scratchscratchwhinescratch-

He's on Trifexis, vet didn't detect of find any fleas on him or anything.. we haven't given him a bath because he has a wound on his face which is almost healed but we didn't want to irritate it with shampoo and all that stuff.. so we've been wiping him down with the kong puppy wipe things whenever we feel he needs it.

If he might have dry skin, how can I fix it? If it might be something else, what could it be and how can it be helped?

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