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Chewing rocks from the potty area!

König has been home for two days now, hes 8 weeks old. I built a potty area for him with layers of rocks that can easily be risned with water and drain through. He has successfully gone pee and poo in the designated area several times now. But the problem: sometimes he will sit there and chew on the rocks and not go potty. I immediately tug on the leash a little but he goes right for the rocks again. I tried taking a chew toy with me on the potty trips and he'll chew on it a little bit and then go back for the rocks. I tried spraying bitter apple spray on the rocks (but will this make him not pee on the rocks anymore?). When he needs to pee, he does it. But unless he pees immediately, I can't have him sit on the rocks cuz he will start chewing them. Any suggestions?
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