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Thank you all for the advice. And I understand @Carmspack what you are saying, but it's not like no one will be able to watch, walk, take care of, and play with them from time to time. I do have my little brother, and my 2 parents who are willing to step in for me. Also, I'm not moving away until another 7 months which would give me enough time to train, and socialize them together. Especially since spring break, and summer break are coming up close for me. I just thought that giving her a friend would make her more active. I remembered that she would just loved to play with my Pomeranian, and have fun. I just wanted her to have that again. The biggest mistake I would say on my part is having them meet in my backyard. Tomorrow I'll ask a friend to come along to help me introduce them at the near by park. Is there a certain way I should introduce them with each other?

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