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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
Could easily end up with a dead puppy when you aren't looking or maybe even if you are. I have seen it happen. Don't force it as wait till the puppy is older.
And you could end up with a dead adult if not looking! I agree, puppies need to be protected, however they also need to learn and if you have a bitch that is submissive and won't get grumpy at a little one, then by all means allow them together.

Sage is a naturally submissive girl, Ryker even at 8 weeks is showing natural dominance - exactly the same as Lola and Harry.

As long as you are careful, absolutely allow them interaction as it really does help with building their relationship together and define their roles in the pack.

I wouldn't allow Ryker and Sage to eat together at this stage, in the same room but not right next to each other. I used to put Harry in a crate with his food bowl and Lola's food bowl next to the crate so that they got used to each other whilst eating. This worked very well (except for one time, when I forgot to close the crate and a very young Harry strolled out and went to eat Lola's food while she was eating - she was not happy) and by doing this, they both learned to respect each others food bowl. Now they eat right next to each other, wait until each has finished then swap positions so they can lick each others bowl.

They have respect for each other, have clearly defined roles and as a result are very close.

if your GSD is eating and eating and eating and losing weight - please consider testing for EPI.

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