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Ok, so two houses down I am a neighbor to a out of city police officer and his roommate that works for the same city as an officer. Both have two dogs, though one of the home owner's dogs is retired, I presume that both his roommates dogs are active working dogs. The home owner has two Mals, and the roommate a Mal and a GSD. Today I witnessed the horrible thing I think I've ever seen.

I walked to my kitchen window, you can see their whole back yard from there, and I saw the roommate pick the GSD up above his head, had to be at least seven feet, and slam him down on the ground. I could not believe what I just saw. The dog didn't move, I feared he was injured. To my relief he got up when the man called him over to the gate, he trotted over to him, tail between his legs and low to the ground in a submissive posture.

I know working dogs are handled roughly but really? Does it have to be that extreme? I didn't see what the dog did but did he really deserve to be handled like that? My husband is a MA in the Navy, his response when I told him what happened was "what did you expect?"

I could understand had the roommates little girl been in the yard and he like but her or attacked her, but she was no where to be seen. It was just him, his dog, the home owner standing there staring and his two dogs playing and sniffing around near him.

I never see this man act kindly to either of his dogs, besides letting the GSD in the house or taking him for a ride in his truck. The poor Mal stay cooped up in their kennel ALL THE TIME. At least the home owner does play with his dogs and love on them.

Don't know, maybe it's just me but I think his dogs deserve to be treated with little more respect and be given a bit more dignity. I know most LEOs and military refer to their dogs as tools, but they're not. They're dogs, living breathing animals, not machines.
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