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Most GSDs don't mature until they are 18- 24 months old, which is when their protective side will start to develop, IF they have a protective side. Each dog is an individual and not all become protective. As the pack leader, they rely on you to keep them safe - that would be your job. Most of the time, just having a GSD by your side, or one that will bark at strangers at the door is a fantastic deterrent and all the protection most people need.

As for her behaviour issues - can't say for sure what is going on without actually seeing your dog and your interactions with her - for sure you will need to change the way you interact to get her to change her relationship with you. I think you need to learn how to gain her trust, develop a bond, and make her want to listen to you. If she is only 11 months and you have gone through several training philosophies, then she is confused with what you want. You have to understand that dogs are NOT naughty and defiant, but very smart and excellent students of human behaviour - she has found ways to get the attention she wants, even if it is negative attention. So you basically, without being aware of it, have trained her to do the things you don't want her to do.

I suggest training classes, for her and you! I was struggling a lot with my adopted shelter dog, she was the same as your girl - I tried to make her listen, force her to submit to my will - it was an exhausting battle. I finally enrolled us in classes, and I learned so much!!! I learned how to set her up for success and motivate her to want to listen to me. Classes were fun and rewarding, and I became a much better and more successful dog owner, and my relationship with my dog improved tremendously and we started to mesh together and became a team.

So ditch news paper and the discipline, put a line on her so she doesn't run-off, manage her environment so she has the opportunity to do good, and no opportunity to do bad, and get thee to a class!!


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