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Breeding from my GSD? Help and advice.

Hello all,

Been a while since i have been on this site!.

I have been busy at work with my girl teaching and training and now she is pretty much fully grown!

I know the cliche is that my dog would never hurt a fly etc etc but i really believe that the temperament of my girl really is what the breed needs from GSD (Except for certain services they may be used for like police etc!) She is super friendly, doesnt bark at other dogs what so ever. She is cautious, says hello and leaves, or plays depending if im not running with her. She is loving toward the whole family and although she does see me as her Alpha she isnt obsessed with me in the negative way. She is very well trained and to my command is attentive and listens and enjoys doing so.

She will just be starting her second season soon and i aim to plan for her third season to go ahead with the process. Now she doesnt have any titles to her name but my thoughts on the matter are not for the reason to accolades but purely temperament and health. Her father was the stud dog Jarno Von Santamar and mother was my girls breeders younger GSD. (she also had my my girls grandma with her!). Jarno has a good blood line and i know her mother has a good one too.

I have spoken to my breeder and she has agreed to help me and allow me to breed her with her help. But getting information from all is better.

I aim to get all the necessary health checks, equipment, insurance etc all required to do everything right. Most worrying to any first time breeder is obviously the whole birthing process. I have been reading up on it and there is a list as long as your arms with worst case scenarios and do's and donts. This is understandable. Could advice or anyone point me to a course, or book or video to direct me too, can never learn too much!

I would be aiming also to get her a healthy, temperament positive male GSD to breed her with. Again, concentrating on temperament over accolades. You can teach any dog to listen to you. You cant train it not to be vicious naturally if its in its nature! Just from having my girl for the 16 months the amount of people that are scared of her is outstanding! Really shocking and eye opening, this is something i want to try and change.

I would have all the time off to be with my girl 24/7 as i will be in France with my girlfriend as she is a professional dancer and me and Harley are just the tag alongs :P. So that is not an issue. I will also be getting some kind of whelping insurance and a vet on call for when she is close and in general.

There is lots ive not mentioned etc which i more than welcome experienced breeders to inform me and bring up and advise. Ideally today i need help and guidance with tips from you guys which can help save a life and prevent the worst.

I realize this is not for positive finance gain, i am doing it for the love of my girl and her amazing temperament and character which, i personally feel should be shared with the community. I do not plan to make any profit and actually more than likely will keep my fav pup :P. I understand many people will have the view on just leave it to the professional breeder but we all have to start somewhere and this is something i want to do with my spare time!.

Like i said, help, hints, advice and tips are welcome.

Thank you, Sam.

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