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Welcome to the forum...

MENTALLY and physically, as well as timewise.... could you add another human baby to your house right now? You getting that much sleep and have that much free time?

Because adding a german shepherd puppy can be exactly as 'hard'' as that. And why SO MANY OF them end up in shelters and rescues because we just can't deal with them. I know my GSD pups have ALL been much more time consuming (and expensive because I had to not only make the time for dog classes but also pay for them).

Were you able to read ---> Is a German Shepherd the best breed for me and my family?

On top of that, there are many poor breeders out there. Meaning you can end up with a fear aggressive pup that bites, or one with health issues that can be a nightmare (at over $1000 a hip for surgery from Dysplasia.... puts the initial cost of finding a great breeder into perspective).

Other two sites that you need to spend hours going thru are How to find a puppy! and Link: How to tell a good breeder website from a bad one.

BTW, there are some great dogs in shelters and rescues that their original owners paid a fortune for as purebred puppies! An older dog can be much less work


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