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Breeder in West Texas

Hey everyone. This is my first post on this forum, but have been lurking for a month or so.

I would like to get a GSD for our family of four, but we have extremely limited options in and around where we live. My husband is in the USAF, and we are stationed in Eastern New Mexico. I am looking for a low drive, family dog. A dog that can grow up with my kids. I have a 15 month old son, and a 3 year old daughter.

I have been looking for a while, and the only actual breeder I can find within 2 hours of me, is AlphaTex Kennels/West Texas K9. Everyone else are BYB (i.e. a craigslist post selling puppies for $100 and letting them go at 5 weeks old).

I searched the forums, and was only able to find old information regarding the breeder. I have thoroughly searched her site, looking for the "signs of a reputable breeder". Things seem fine to me, other than the amount of puppies they have at once, and the fact that they don't have a spay/neuter contract. Now, this is coming from someone who is incredibly new to the GSD breed. I grew up with small dogs, with the exception of our Sheltie. As far dogs I have owned myself, I have only had a Pomeranian, and he passed away last summer.

I have been emailing back and forth with Sandra (one of the owners) and she seems very informative and helpful. I asked her if I could bring my kids out to see how they are with her "fur family", and she was more than willing to have us come out. The litter I am looking at will be born in Mid-March, but we will be going out there before then just to have a look around and see how my kids do. I told her what I wanted and which parents I was looking at, and she immediately told me which parents would be the best fit for me, which seemed like a good thing.

I am looking at Missy's RePlay and Cinch's litter, which is at the bottom of the puppies for sale page.

Puppies for Sale

I just want to make sure I am getting the right puppy for my family, as my kids are priority number one. If anyone could give me some insight, I would greatly appreciate it. If this isn't what I should go for, any recommendations for in/around my area would be welcome and appreciated!
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