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First heat cycle (crate for entire time?)

Know this is old, but I thought I would try.

Piper is in her first heat. I have been keeping her in crate for it since she has had very little training and I only got her 2 1/2-3 months ago.

She had a week of clear/creamy discharge, then we are on week 3 of spotting/bleeding. She gets walked 8-10 times a day out in the yard on leash. He food was cut back as she wasn't eating much at all. She pitches a temper (my guess) because I am not with her constantly and steps on the water bowl, so I resorted to ice cubes. She loves those. I keep up with some of her basic training while in crate (up, sit, down, watch me).

She was just 1 year old on 2/15. I am wondering how much longer? I know this morning she was still spotting and her attitude is still temperamental.

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