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GSD bred at 5 months?

my boyfriend went out and bought me a GSD pup almost a year ago as a surprise he came with his AKC papers. I didn't realize the mother of the pup was bred so young until today. when I found the pups vet records the mother's DOB was listed on the vet records and it said 7 months which puzzled me I thought it was a typo I called the vet and asked what was the mother's last weight they told me 40lbs confirming she has bred at 5 months. when I asked my boyfriend did he know all this he said no and that the "breeder" said the mother was 90lbs and the father was 120lbs. I have no complaints about my dog he has a nice temperament, high drive and is protective. My question is what do I have to look out for in the future with him as he was born to a young mother and possibly sired by a young father as well?
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