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Zeus and Ruby update.

Hello everyone, just an updated.

It's been very interesting few weeks after adding Ruby to our home. At times it is very hard as Zeus thinks he is 20 pounds and Ruby thinks she is 120. I think Zeus is a bit too rough and does not understand when she had enough, yet she starts it hehe. I have no idea how dogs play in the same house so the mouthing game drives me crazy, but they seam ok.

Zeus likes to play tug with her and shoves all his toys onto her, but sometimes pushes with his chin and toy on the back of her head or grabs her by the bag of her head. I am hoping the dominance thing will lighten up once he is fixed in 2 weeks.

Other than that he is totally amused by having her here and sleeps by her crate. Ruby gives Zeus kisses every time she is out of the crate or pen.

We did not have to potty train Ruby at all and she is now 15 weeks.

Ruby {SG1, VP1, VP3 USCA Sieger Show, Kati Von den Oher Tannen} - Red/Black 11-15-2013
Zeus {Ymka Von den Oher Tannen, CGC} - Red/Black 01-07-2013
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