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Nervous Germanshepherd

So, we have had "Doshi" two months and two weeks. He is now 4 months old. The first week he had no problem with my boyfriend nor I. However he became frightened of my boyfriend one day while I was at work. He has never done anything to warrant the nervousness. We have been doing excersizees with him to show him that my boyfriend isnt a threat. And they have shown inprovement. But I was wondering if anyone might have a better idea other than simple treat and reward when interacting with my boyfriend. (We do not reward when he wimpers or cowers away, and we remove his tail from between his legs). Also...talking. He has this thing with moody talking. If hes uncomfortable, he talks. If I'm going towards him, he talks. If I grab the leash...talking. I always ignore the talking when I know its because he wants my attention, and with the leash, I dont put it on him until he is calm and quiet. persists. Always. Every day. And everyday I do the same thing which leads me to believe what I'm doing is wrong. Any suggestions? ( I would prefer a silent dog. Hes trained not to bark, but the talking is harder to break)
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