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DIY Kong tug toy?

So my girl just busted her Elite Working Ball, and I need to find/make a replacement. She only had it for about a month, and I was conditioning it to be her training toy for SAR. Obviously I want something much more durable (I'm putting in a lot of effort to make her crazy about it, so I'd kinda like it to last lol!). I really like being able to tug and toss the toy, and I'd prefer a surface that washes off pretty easily (ex: rubber over jute).

I watched a cop working with his dog awhile back, and he had a Kong toy on a little nylon tab that looked awesome! The tab was just long enough to get a grip on without being so long to tangle in the pup's feet. I haven't been able to find anything like that for sale, so I'd like to try and make one, but I'm not sure how to attach the strap so it would be durable enough for tugging? We get really into it when we play, because that's what makes it the most rewarding for her, so I really want something that can take the abuse.

Does anyone have any experience making something like this, or have any ideas for what might work the best?
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