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First time barking at another dog...

This may be silly and or a stupid question...

She is 15 months old. She is a therapy dog since 1 year old. She is still in training and we will continue through at least 3 years old, longer if we need to.

Today...2 new puppy's to class. But 6 total, along with the older dogs that are normally there.

She growled and barked at one of the younger pups. She has never done this before, she goes for other dog play dates. She has never been aggressive with anyone, or thing. She is a working line Czech/DDR shepherd. She has intense drives in every area. She did not bite, jump on, or chase the puppy. Just growled and barked. She is not spayed yet. We are waiting until she is more mature, fully grown and hoping to avoid some of the possible health risk latter in life. We don't want to do hormone replacement....
Anyway...she is due for her heat next month...if she has it every 6 months. Her first was at 11 months. It was very easy and she has no mood swings.

We have had snow which is not normal for our area. She has been trapped inside....more than she normally would have been.

She is eating normally, this week has been the first week on raw diet....from the orgjien puppy food....

I may just be hyper sensitive to the Growling and barking because of many label shepherds as "bully breed" this is our first time with shepherds. We have been Training from day one....they get ran hard for an hour a day during our soccer game...and they do training and walks other times of the day. She works puzzles and has a lot of indoor brain work. We like them tired for bedtime. Everything we have done is to avoid them barking and growling at other dogs and people....never seeing her do this and all of the sudden, after 15 months old...doing it twice in one day...we don't know what could have caused it.
The trainer said older, well behaved dogs will sometimes try and correct hyper, high energy, bouncy puppies. I trust the trainer and he did not act concerned but I am the type of person who will read many articles from both sides to form my opinion...I do the same with politics....:-/

I understand shepherds have MANY growing and attitude changes from newborn to 3 years old....

I called another friend with a shepherd, she said she would not be concerned...that her dog barks at some dogs and ignores others...she just tells her dog to leave it and they move on.

This site has been a life saver for the year before we got our dogs. It helped us finalize our decision on the breed and you guys seem to know what you are talking about!

Is this something to be concerned about? Should we keep her from doggie play dates for a while...? My husband is scared of big dogs, he is scared of shepherds, he trust ours but now thinks she is an aggressive dog. Looking for things to help him continue trusting her and keep. I personally think it was moody day but I can't say this for sure since she has never acted this way before...

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