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Socialization and Leeburg (moved to puppy dev and soc)

I just want to do a quick intro before I post my question. I am new here (new to posting, been lurking since November-ish). I am getting a GS pup from a well known breeder in our area in a week. My parents had 3 GSD and loved them. I have always wanted my own, and after much research and waiting, now is the time.
I have done A LOT of research into training, (still going) and have read how important socialization is for a pup. Most sites/books I have read so far talk about exposing them to different dogs/people/situations. I looked also at Leeburgs site and his recommendation is to NOT allow them to interact with other dogs/people and in fact have the pup ignore them and ask people not to approach or pet your pup?
What do you guys do? Has anyone tried this approach? Asking people not to pet or approach the pup for me seems a little daunting; we live on a cul-de-sac with kids in the neighborhood(I have a 6 and 8 yr old) and thought from the other sites it would be best to let them interact with the pup.
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