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I have used it for anxiety/stress in a dog. In 3 sessions he was back to normal. He would sleep so deeply after the session. He was a very sensitive dog.

My one foster got it during her HW treatment to try to calm her down - not much happened there! Maybe not enough sessions (probably would have needed to have the needless permanently implanted ).

I have seen a paralyzed dog (from puppyhood - door fell on her supposedly) be able to move her tail and support herself better after a multitude of sessions. No walking or anything like that, but no getting worse and some improvement.

I am not sure what the use is in this situation so not sure if this helps.

For my senior right now we started Adequan in November (I think it was) for her arthritis/back/hips/wrists. Definitely improvement there! If I were closer to Thera-vet in Webster I would want to go there for some underwater treadmill sessions. She went a few years back after a weird (scary) back episode and it seemed to really help.
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