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Regression in Training (Non-GSD)

My Pomeranian, Abi, has gone completely backwards in her training and I'm not sure where to go from here.

She had perfect off leash recall along with the basics: sit, stay, and down. "Counter" surfing had gone down to a minimum, and she was basically turning into a dream dog...

Now she's a nightmare. Last week, I put her outside to pee and she took off. I watched her pee and she started running around the yard. I called her and she ignored me. I calmly walked into the yard to retrieve her and she bolted. It took a few hours to actually find her as she was running through the neighborhood. Anything within her reach is fair game to her; I set a bowl of chips down next to me on the coffee table and I returned to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I don't have my back turned for a second before she's up on the table scarfing from the bowl. Anyone drops something on the floor and she's on it and trying to eat it, no matter how inedible it is.

I restarted NILIF now four days ago and it seems like everything has gotten worse; now she's resorting to nipping, soiling her crate, spinning on her leash when she's outside to the point where she nearly choked herself a few hours ago.

I'm considering doing a two week shutdown combined with extreme NILIF. Thoughts? Opinions?

She's completely healthy; she just had a vet check right when the problems started and the only thing I can't do at this exact moment is hire a professional trainer as I'm moving in a few weeks, but I'm already searching out a trainer in the city I'm going to.

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