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A "tough guy" thinks he can beat my dog up

SO Ive been playing lots of live poker lately, because Im making money at it. I mention my dog at the tables and show pics. Theres a big guy like 350 lbs and he really plays up his tough guy image.
Hes always yelling at old ladies when they beat him at poker. Thats his MO is to always be complaining at everyone because they beat him with cards they shouldnt play. And he brags about knuckle bruises from collecting money, but he drives a edited and lives in a ghetto area??? He also has a broken hip and knees as well as no lungs to support his size. So the other day the first thing he starts in with at a poker table is that I think my dog can beat him up but **** break her neck??? Then idiots were agreeing that if you wrestle a dog itll give up. I guess hes just always looking to put people on tilt at poker but it was some of the dumbest stuff ive heard. Threatening a mans dog can get you killed LOL.

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