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5 1/2 month GSD showing insecurity without handler

We had to go out of town so I dropped Bane off at the breeders kennel for the night. We picked him up today and while talking with her, she stated he showed some insecurities around the other dogs. He had his own indoor kennel along with outdoor access. Talked with the breeder for a bit. She said he was starting to get a little cocky today...He didn't eat dinner last night or breakfast this morning at the kennel. He gobbled it up on the car ride home though.

I have been working this issue and felt it was getting better....I'm glad the breeder is blunt about these things. I haven't had him around a lot of dogs yet. He mingles with the female lab next door through the chain length fence.

When walking, I've been keeping him engaged(focusing on me) when I notice other dogs starting to bark or trying my best to keep him focused. He gets amped up around other dogs.
Several days ago while on a walk, he went right up to a boxer in someone's backyard(chain length fence)...Boxer was barking, running, etc. he stood there with his tail pointed out observing, He eventually started barking after some time. I kept getting his attention and trying to distract him. I thought he did very well and we carried on like it was no big deal. He acts very well when I'm handling him (99% of the time).

It's weird. Seems like sometimes he is insecure and other times he basically ignores it.

I found a guy in my town that has been raising and titling German Shepherds for over 20 years. Met with him a few days ago and got to see his male work. Looked very good. I'm going to start training with him as much as possible.

Any suggestions on what I can do to help him get through this? Would leaving him at the breeders kennel for a week or so help, or worsen the situation? His brother, mother, father, Aunts, uncles, etc, and several others dogs and a recent litter is at the kennel. I'm a novice, so I'm sure I created this problem somewhere along the way or should have done more. Sorry for the length...I'm pretty sure I've spoiled him too much. Breeder told me that also. Glad she told me these things instead of sugar coating it.
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