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Off the wall agression

Ok, I have a female GS that's 10 months old. She has not been spayed if that matters and I also have a male 5 month old GS in the house also. Ok, lately I have been noticing her barking more and more toward people in the yard so we got a bark collar and it seemed to stop. Well today was a nice day after a freezing winter so my wife and I decided to walk her and our other GS and she gust wined and wined loud as can be for some reason, I even had someone say something from their house window. anyways, we was with one of our daughters and we met up with two of her friends one boy one girl. The little boy said can I pet her and started to walk toward her. Our female lunged out and grabbed his sweatshirt and we quickly got her away and she was fine. We stood there for a few minutes while I looked at his arm and she tried to do it again.

Our GS dogs are around children all the time and this scares me! We have a 9,10,12,13,16 year old children and they have friends over all the time but all girls except our oldest is a boy.

Thoughts? lover her but I would get rid of her in a second if I thought she would hert a child or anyone for that matter!
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