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Whereabouts in Texas??

I would recommend 3 breeders for you. The first two I do not know personally but I have heard good things about them.

Germelhaus =:= Germelhaus German Shepherd Dogs =:= Breeding Top Working Schutzhund GSDs

Vom Tal Der Schatten (Whitesboro, near Dallas) German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd Breeders | Whitesboro, TX

The third I know personally as I am a friend and have a pup from her. Have also helped her whelp litters and see most every pup she has before they are placed. But she is in Oklahoma - 3 hours north of Dallas. Maybe too far for you and I don't know if she ships, if she did she would have to drive to Tulsa or Dallas anyway. Her name is Cynthia Tidmore - Tidmores Rising Star

Have fun looking for a pup and welcome to you!


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