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Is this a normal CGC practice?

Gypsy and I went to the local kennel club's CGC practice session. The way it was advertised, I thought it was a runthrough of the CGC test so that you could see what it would be like. But, it didn't go the way I expected. There were about 20 dogs there in a pavilion, and most of the session was sitting or walking around the room aimlessly saying hi to other owners and their dogs. The evaluator would ask for a sit or a down every once in a while but didn't really explain what we were supposed to be doing. A lot of tense greeting behavior occurred. I was confused because I thought for the greeting part you are supposed to have your dog in a sit and have them not pull towards the other dog, but that is what most people were doing- lots of snout to snout sniffing. Gypsy did absolutely fine but this is not how I was told by our behaviorist to allow her to interact with other dogs on a walk since she can get reactive.

The other portions of the test did not get much attention. The evaluator would say "Okay, I'm going to drop a chair on the floor now to make a big noise" and do so. No big deal. When it got time for the handling part, Gypsy was avoidant because the past week she had a bad experience at the vet. She is usually friendly towards strangers but she can tell if someone wants to pet her versus check her ears out. We can work on this and I'm aware that it's my responsibility to fix it. However, when she shied away the evaluator said "Don't let her do that," and drug her towards herself by the collar. I felt this was incredibly inappropriate.

So I guess I'm wondering whether I should go back to this group for the evaluation because it seemed kind of chaotic to me. Is this normal for a CGC practice? Do they do the test in a big group like this? I assumed they tested the dogs one at a time, but what do I know? If this doesn't sound like a good environment to take the test, how would you recommend finding a better one?

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