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low energy medium drive GSD

Hello all,

I am new to this forum and am hoping to become a new responsible GSD owner in couple of years once I complete my research and get a full understanding of this great breed.

Currently I am located in Montreal, Quebec and am looking for a reputable breeder in this area. I have searched and found few potential breeders. Anyone that may have any suggestions for this please PM me.

Currently I am thinking of getting a SL and hoping to get a lower energy medium drive dog. Not exactly a couch potato but a dog that will match me and my family.

The question is how to distinguish a lower energy puppy from a litter than the rest. Is there any tell tale signs? Any pros and cons for such low energy dogs. I do not plan to do Shz. just as a family pet.

How often can such puppies be found in a litter?
Please help!

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